Sea buckthorn oil

restores damaged hair, gives vitality and shine

Nut oil

nourishing the hair shaft with useful components, smoothes it and restores elasticity.

Avocado oil

rich in polyunsaturated acids, vitamins and minerals, restores colored curls at the structural level, preserves color, makes curls more stronger

Camellia Oil

contains vitamins A, B and E, as well as a complex of 12 unsaturated fatty acids. The product include natural collagen, as well as antioxidants, which are very necessary for complex care for thin, volumeless hair

Flax oil

take care of the scalp, saturating it with the necessary nutrients and other active substances, eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of dryness, itching and irritation

Burdock oil

contains fatty acids and especially one - ricinoleic acid. Moreover the oil contains oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic and eicosenic acids, which together perfectly saturate follicles and stimulate hair growth

Hempseed oil

quickly gets into the hair follicle, strengthens and restores the hair due to its vitamins and nutrients

Olive oil

makes the protective film on the hair for avoiding negative factors

Black currant leaves decoction

strengthens and stimulates hair growth, intensify blood circulation

Basil leaves decoction

moisturizing the scalp. The hair becomes shiny, healthy and good-looking

Amaranth leaves decoction

contains a huge number of phytosterols that restore the vitamin balance in the hair follicle and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands

Nettle Leaves decoction

stops hair loss, strengthens bulbs, reduces the felling of fatty hair and scalp, improves structure and speeds hair growth

Plantain decoction

helps to get rid of dandruff, irritations on the scalp, moisturizes the hair along through all the length, strengthens the follicles and normalizes the epidermis pH

Fig extract

takes care of the scalp, contains vitamins A and C, which intensively nourish and stimulate hair growth

Pomegranate peel extract

contains polyphenols that help restore hair and prevent negative environmental effects, protect the natural shine and intense color

Field rose extract

helps restore damaged hair, making them stronger and shiny

Chicken egg extract

gives more intense nutrition of hair follicles, returns shine and volume, provides moistening and restoration of fragile hair


contains a complex of microelements that repair damaged hair. Honey can connect the tips of the hair and smooth out the keratin scales, which makes your hair healthy shine and beautiful

Vitamin complex – 9 active ingredients Soluvit Richter based on natural components, contains vitamins of group B, biotin, E, A, F, etc.


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